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A little bit about Oriflame

 Oriflame products are created by Oriflame Sweden 
Where possible natural ingredients from natural sources such as fruits, flowers and plants are used.
Inspired by people from all over the world, Oriflame products are always created in Sweden with an innovative and creative approach. 
Oriflame never compromise on quality, safety or value for money and their money-back guarantee is assured if you are not totally satisfied with the products you buy.

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A little bit about me

I am not someone who has used "beauty products" all my adult life. In my teens and 20s I had what they used to call greasy skin and most of the products I tried on my face gave me spots so basically I didn't bother.
In my mid 40s I felt it was probably time to start using some face cream to hopefully delay the signs of ageing which all the ads on the TV were telling me would happen. I tried a few brands including Boots No 7 range which was okay but again I would break out in spots regularly.
Then I tried Estée Lauder. This I found much better and my skin started to look better so I continued (I have to admit to my skin care routine being less than a regular occurrence) using Estée Lauder products until I took early retirement and then I could no longer justify the cost of the products on my pension so I tried a few cheaper brands but wasn't happy with them at all.
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Me and Oriflame

About 5 years ago I was lucky to meet a lady who was an Oriflame Consultant (ex manager). She introduced me to the Oriflame skin care products and basically I have never looked back.
OK! Old habits die hard and I often forget to use the night cream - but actually after not using it for a couple of nights I can really tell the difference and this acts to jog my memory the following night. 
I have tried a few of the Oriflame skin care ranges and like all of them except for the Diamond Cellular (which strangely enough is supposed to be the best). I don't like the smell of this particular product range and because of that I haven't used it long enough to know if it is a good cream. You can see my personal favourites on my Oriflame Products page.
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